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Sheet Metal NC Hydroforming Press




Main Function: Sheet Metal NC Hydroforming Press is mainly used for sheet Hydro-mechanical Deep-drawing, especially suitable for manufacturing precision complicated surface structure, such as light reflector, chemical magnetic pump isolation set, etc.




l        总压力:630kN
l        最大总压边力:400kN,变压边力范围:10-300kN
l        液压力:1-25MPa
l        主缸最大行程:600mm
l        压边缸行程:400mm
l        工作台面尺寸:500×500mm
Key parameters :
l        Total pressure: 630 kN
l        Maximum total blank holder force: 400 kN
l        Variable blank-holder force range: 10-300 kN
l        Liquid pressure: 1-25 MPa
l        Main cylinder biggest movement: 600 mm
l        Pressure side cylinder movement: 400 mm
l        Workbench size: 500 x 500 mm


Electric Arc Melting Furnace




Main Function:This equipment is designed for the melting of metal or alloys to improve its properties. Harmful gas or impurities in metal or alloys are eliminated, and purity is increased by the melting. The equipment can be used for various metal melting, especially for the high melting point metal, and the melt alloys is homogeneous in composition.



l       真空度:6.6×10-3Pa
l        最大熔炼电流:1200A
l        额定功率:60kW
l        铜坩埚数:5
l        坩埚直径:Φ30mm
l        坩埚容量(以钢计):100g
Key Parameters
l        Maximum vacuity:6.6×10-3Pa
l        Maximum melting current:1200A
l        Rated power:60kW
l        Number of Couple:5
l        Diameter of Couple:Φ30mm
l        Couple capacity(steel melting):100g


Low Speed one-way walk Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining




Main Function: Wire EDM cutting is a process that uses an electrically energized thin wire to slice through metal. Wire EDM cutting uses rapid, controlled, repetitive spark discharges from the wire to the workpiece, thereby eroding the metal away. The workpiece must be electrically conductive. Wire EDM can cut most any simple or complex 2D shape including cutouts and thin walls, intricate openings and sharp inside corners. Examples of a few types of parts that can be cut by wire EDM include Custom gears, Punch and die tooling, Stripper plates, Mold components, etc..




l         工作台面尺寸(长×宽): 630×400mm
l         工作台行程(X×Y):   380×260mm
l         主轴行程(Z):        250mm
l         最大切割厚度:          240mm
l         最大工件重量:          500Kg
l         最大切割斜度/厚度: ±20°/80mm
l         最大切割速度:       ≥210mm2/min
l         最佳加工表面粗糙度:    Ra≤0.8 µm
l         加工方式               喷流加工
l         电极丝直径范围:    φ0.15 -- 0.3mm
Key Parameters:
l          Worktable size(L×W): 630×400mm
l          Worktable travel(X×Y): 380×260mm
l          Z travel(Z):              250mm
l          Max. workpiece thickness:    240mm
l          Max. workpiece weight:      500Kg
l          Max. taper angle/thickness: ±20°/80mm
l          Max. machining speed:    ≥210mm2/min
l          Best surface roughness:     Ra≤0.8 µm
l          Machining method:         Flushing type
l          Wire diameter:         φ0.15 -- 0.3mm


Electric Injection Molding Machine




Main Function: Using Servo motor, ball screw and synchronous belt as driver, Electric injection molding machine have high control accuracy, less pollution and power. The injection speed is about 1.5 times as hydraulic injection machine. With precise and stable injection process, the machine can be used for high accuracy and cleanliness plastic products, such as optical component, medical appliances, automobile interior and food package.



关键参数(Key Parameter):

l         锁模力:390KN
l         最大注塑压力:196MPa
l         拉杆间距:320×320mm,模板尺寸:460×460mm
l         模板间距:570mm
l         定位圈孔径:Φ100mm,喷嘴球面尺寸:R10mm,喷嘴口径:Φ3mm
l         螺杆直径:Φ25mm
l         理论注塑体积:49cm3
l         注射速度:150mm/s
Key Parameters:
l         Clamping Force:390KN
l         Max. Injection Press:196MPa
l         Tie Bars Space:320×320mm,Mold Board Size:460×460mm
l         Max. Daylight:570mm
l         Location ping dimension:Φ100mm,Nozzle Spherical Size:R10mm,Nozzle dimension:Φ3mm
l         Screw dimension:Φ25mm
l         Theory injection volume:49cm3
l         Injection speed:150mm/s


Reaction Injection Molding Machine, RIM




Main Function: The forming and processing of reactive thermoset resin (especially, urethane) and composites into industrial parts of large size and complicated shape
l        最高加热温度:250 ℃
l        单缸最大材料容量:20Kg
l        总功率:10 KW
l        电源:AC380V/50HZ
Key Parameters:
l        Maximum Heating Temp: 250℃
l        Capacity: 20kg per drum
l        Power Consumption: 10kw
l        Electricity: AC380V/50HZ


High Temperature Furnace for Graphitization




Main Function:The furnace is used for high temperature heat treatment of materials, especially for graphitization of carbon materials. It works on the basis of medium-high frequency induction of electrical current. Relatively Large working space, fast heating rate, and automatically controlling temperature under high accuracy are the key advantages of the equipment.




l        额定电压:380 V
l        额定功率:100 Kw
l        额定中频频率:8000 Hz
l        额定温度:3000 ℃
l        最高升温速率:30 ℃/min
l        恒温区尺寸:φ200×350 mm
Key Parameters
l        Rated voltage:380V
l        Rated power: 100 Kw
l        Rated frequency of current:8000 Hz
l        Rated temperature:3000 ℃
l        Max. heating rate:30 ℃/min
l        Working space: φ200×350 mm


Tube NC Hydroforming Press




Main Function: It’s suitable for tube hydroforming. Such as hydraulic bulging for T-branch pipe and hydraulic bulging & folding for absorbing components of the variable diameter tube. Its characteristic is light weight, less consumables, good performance and high precision parts. Low consumption energy of the equipment and environment friendly.




l        主缸合模力:1600kN,主缸行程:500mm
l        左右缸推力:500kN,左右缸行程:200mm
l        后缸推力:300kN,后缸行程:200mm
l        成形液压力:1-100MPa,高压流量:33L/min,低压流量:68L/min
l        工作台有效尺寸:535×470mm
l        外形尺寸:2697×1629×2540mm
l        大电机功率:5.5kw,小电机功率:4kw
l        重量:4900kg
Key parameters:
l        Main cylinder and mold force: 1600 kN, Main cylinder trip: 500 mm
l        Left Or Right cylinder thrust: 500 kN, Left Or Right cylinder trip: 200 mm
l        Back cylinder thrust: 300 kN, Back cylinder trip: 200 mm
l        Forming liquid pressure: 1-100 MPa, High pressure flow: 33 L/min, Low pressure flow: 68 L/min
l        The effective size: 535 x 470 mm
l        Overall size: 2697 x 1629 x 2540 mm
l        Big motor power: 5.5 kw, Small motor power: 4 kw
l        Weight: 4900 kg


Frame Type Metal Extruding Hydraulic Press




Main Function: Used for precious metal extruding process, and also can be used for other forming process, such as blanking, bending, deep drawing, flanging, reshaping and press mounting, etc.




l        总力:1600kN,顶出力:250kN
l        电机功率:22kW,系统最大工作压力:25MPa
l        开口高度:750mm,顶出行程:200mm
l        滑块行程:400mm,工作速度:10-30mm/s
l        工作台尺寸:500×500mm
Key Parameters:
l        Total forming force: 1600kN, Ejecting force: 250kN
l        Dynamo power: 22kW, Maximum working pressure: 25MPa
l        Open height: 750mm, Ejector stroke: 200mm
l        Slider stroke: 400mm, Working velocity: 10-30mm/s
l        Worktable size: 500×500mm


CNC Engraving Machine




Main function: ME-5040 uses a double column platform and can easily load and unload working material. It uses a German ball screw, imported linear guide, imported servo driver and can satisfy the mould industry’s need for precision and durability. The 4.5kw high frequency spindle gives the machine an extremely powerful cutting ability. It is suitable for mould injections, heat transfer moulds, press moulds and other copper and EDM moulds.




l        定位精度:±0.02/300mm
l        变频主轴电机:4.500kw,最高主轴电机转速:18000rpm
l        刀柄直径:Φ3.175mm、Φ4mm、Φ6mm
l        最高快移走速:6m/min
l        台面尺寸:540X500mm,最大行程:500X400X200mm
l        总功率:7.5kw
Key Parameter
l        Precision Repeatability: ±0.02/300mm
l        Spindle4.500kw,Spindle Rate18000rpm
l        Cutting Tool Diameter:Φ3.175mm、Φ4mm、Φ6mm
l        Max Movement Speed6m/min
l        Working Table Size (XY)540X500mm,
l        Max Working Size (XYZ)500X400X200mm
l        Consumption7.5kw


Double Action Sheet Metal Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press




Main Function: Used for precious sheet metal deep drawing process, and also can be used for other forming process, such as blanking, bending, flanging, reshaping and press mounting, etc.




l        总力:1600kN,拉深力:1000kN,压边力:630kN,液压垫力:400kN
l        主电机功率:7.5kW,系统最大工作压力:25MPa
l        拉深滑块行程:600mm,开口高度:800mm,工作速度:5-10mm/s
l        压边滑块行程:400mm,开口高度:500mm,工作速度:5-10mm/s
l        工作台尺寸:1200×850mm,液压垫孔尺寸:600×300mm
Key Parameters:
l        Total forming force: 1600kN, Deep drawing force: 1000kN, Blank holding force: 630kN, Hydraulic cushion force: 400kN
l        Main dynamo power: 7.5kW, Maximum working pressure: 25MPa
l        Deep drawing slider stroke: 600mm, Open height: 800mm, Working velocity: 5-10mm/s
l        Blank holding slider stroke: 400mm, Open height: 500mm, Working velocity: 5-10mm/s
l        Worktable size: 1200×850mm, Hydraulic cushion hole size: 600×300mm


Twin Screw Extruder Set



功能简介:在普通双螺杆机组的基础上增加了液压筒体推拉装置,可使螺杆和机筒在少于30秒时间内自动分离,便于可视化研究,清理方便。设备所需要物料较少,适合于造价较高物料的实验研究。采用积木式螺杆结构,串联式排列组合, 分别包括输送螺块、混炼螺块、捏合螺块等。

Main Function: The machine can Automatic separate screw and barrel in 30s by adding hydraulic push-pull device on normal twin screw extruder, which convenient for visual analysis and cleaning. Experiment research with high cost can be realized by less material utilization. Block screw structure was used with series combination, which including conveying, mixing, and kneading screw piece, etc.




l        螺杆直径:φ35.6mm
l        螺杆长径比:36:1
l        筒体数量:9
l        喂料电机功率:0.75kw
l        挤出电机功率:18.5kw
l        输入轴转速:1480rpm,输出轴转速:600rpm
Key Parameters:
l        Screw Diameter:φ35.6mm
l        L/D:36:1
l        Barrel Number:9
l        Feeding Power:0.75kw
l        Extruding Power:18.5kw
l        Input RPM:1480rpm,Output RPM:600rpm


Micro-Injection Machine




Main Function: Babyplast micro injection machine can be used for precise molding of thermoplastic parts, especially for small/micro plastic parts weight between 0.01g-15g. Using special metal ball plasticizing system and piston injection design, the machine have high injection precision; meanwhile it can avoid shearing failure of fiber or other fillers in screw plasticizing system, and prevent plastic degradation for shorting plastic residence time in hopper.




l        注射重量:0.01-15g
l        最大模具尺寸:75×75×70mm
l        设备体积:1100×500×700mm
l        总功率:3KW
Key Parameters:
l        Injection Weight:0.01-15g
l        Max. Mold Size:75×75×70mm
l        Equipment Size:1100×500×700mm
l        Dynamo power:3KW




Vacuum Heating-Press Sintering Furnace




Main Function:This vacuum hot-press furnace is a vertical vacuum resistance furnace that used the graphite as heating element with double framed outer support. The pressed force is generated by the bottom hydraulic oil cylinder lifting. The furnace is applicable for heating press production of metal compound, ceramic, inorganic compounds and nanomaterial under the vacuum or protection condition.




l        额定功率:40KW
l        电流电压:380V
l        加热器电压:0-36V
l        最高温度:2000℃
l        工作区尺寸:Φ160×160mm
l        冷态极限真空度:6.67×10-3Pa
l        最大压力:20 ton
l        最大位移:100mm
Key Parameters
l        Rated power:40KW
l        Power supply:380V
l        Heater voltage:0-25V
l        Rated temperature:2000℃
l        Operation zone dimension:Φ160×160mm
l        Cold ultimate vacuum:6.67×10-3Pa
l        Max. Pressure (input electrically):20 ton
l        Max. displacement:100mm


Vacuum Intermediate Frequency Induction Furnace




Main Function:This equipment is designed for the melting and casting of metal and alloys in a vacuum or protective atmosphere. The materials can be prepared such as: special steel, precision alloy, rare earth metal, reactive metal, copper and its alloys, hydrogen storage material, magnetic material and so on.




l        额定温度:1600℃
l        坩埚容量(钢液):10Kg
l        频率(自动跟踪):1500-4000Hz
l          中频电压:375V
Key Parameters
l        Rated temperature:1600℃
l        Couple capacity(steel melting):10Kg
l        Frequency:1500-4000Hz
l          Intermediate frequency voltage:375V